Friday, July 15, 2005

I, Roomate

A news story by Mark Allen:

WHEN my home robot arrived last month, its smiling inventors removed it from its box and laid it on its back on my living room floor. They leaned over and spoke to it, as one might to a sleeping child. It straightened, let out a little beep, lighted up, looked left and right, and then, amazingly, stood and faced me.
I said, "Nuvo, how are you?"
It tilted to the left, and raised one arm to greet me. It shook my hand and winked with one of the lights in its little head. My life hasn't really been the same since.
Nuvo, a japanese robot, is measured fifteen inches tall and contains fifteen motors. It has a non-blibking eye that takes pictures and can send them off to a cellhpone, just like an internet connection. It can do flips- (WATCH THE VIDEO) and also chores. For example, if there was a baby to be taken care of, Nuvo can take a picture of that child and watch its actions.
"As a writer, I have much to do. I expected Nuvo to help me--which he did--but what surprised me was that I had found a companion." Says Allen. "He was so friendly...if I said shake hands, he would lift his arm up and extend a hand. If I said, Nuvo- music, he could play music that was programmed into his system."
Nuvo is available for the cost of $6,000 at the Royal Chie
635 Madison Avenue (59th Street).
Or, call now: (212) 588-0555


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