Saturday, September 17, 2005

A brief look at Japan

No, this is not (another) new Mike Portnoy project, but rather a ridiculously well-endowed theater system Sony is showing off at the Japan World Expo. It uses a 164 foot laser projection system in combination with an 11-channel sound system to deliver mind-bogglingly vivid imaging and color reproduction. The ginormous screen displays in super-definition, at super-resolution, making high-definition, like, oh so two minutes ago.
What is this Japan World Expo you ask? At this special, and enthralling event that will be held next week, inventors will show off their latest stuff. Such as gadgets & gizmoz, robots, inventions, and other neat wacky things that will take your mind off of evereything and onto this show if you were in Japan. others will grace our eyeballs for the first time, like Toyota’s i-foot robot, down below. The human-controlled walking eggshell lets people on or off by bending its legs. At 7.74 feet tall and 441 pounds, this gigantic Humpty Dumpty can walk a little under a single mile per hour. It is like one of those wacky inventions sciencists use in Jimmy Neutron and other kid TV shows that pretty much do not explain anything at all.

Beautiful Robot

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